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About Tony Koeller and ARK Appraisal

Although I was born in Louisiana and had the privilege of living in the United Kingdom for several years and in Florida after that, Southeast Missouri is where I call home. I come from a long line of German immigrants, on both sides of my family, who made Missouri their home of choice and worked hard to develop the residential, agricultural, and economic communities in which they thrived.

As the oldest of ten children, I learned young that hard work and dedication are what it takes to thrive at any given task. Whether that task is dinner for twelve on a daily basis, a high school job in fast food, working in a factory, or striving to meet personal goals, it is a strong work and moral ethic that will guide you down the path that leads to your goal.

Most of my growing-up years were spent in Jackson, and I am proud to watch my three sons growing up here and participating in the local sports, extra-curricular and faith-based activities that make Jackson and the surrounding areas such a strong family-oriented community. My wife and I made our home here, and we are very happy to be part of the Southeast Missouri community.

What I love most about being a real estate appraiser is that, even though I am not out showing homes and helping people find the home of their dreams, my job is to look out for the best interests of both parties involved in the sales or refinance transaction. I’ve been blessed to train under and work with some of the area’s leading real estate appraisers. I have had the opportunity to walk acres and acres of our beautiful country side, to personally tour thousands of homes ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollars, as well as to become acquainted with the people of our area and the parcels of land that they call home.

Over the years, my staff and I have built up relationships with County Assessors, Collectors, Recorders, and real estate and title work professionals across Southeast Missouri. Our experience and our professional networking are priceless. Whether you need an individual valuation of your property for your personal information, or whether you are a lender involved with a sale or refinance transaction, we hope you will take advantage of our expertise and our quick turn times.

Our motto is a slight deference from the Golden Rule: PERFORM for others as you would have them PERFORM for you!!

Your business, our hands! The perfect combination!!

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